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5 Ways A Massage Can Boost Your Wellbeing

Updated: Nov 7

At one time, a professional massage was for athletes, to help their muscles prepare and recover from the rigours of top-level sport. However, the therapeutic benefits of massage for the soul and mind, as well as the body, are now well recognised. Here are five ways that a blissful body rub can improve your life!

It is a great stress-buster

The soothing effects of a massage can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS), which is activated when the body is in resting mode. It is vital that the PSNS is kept in good working order, because it it is linked to the body’s key functions, including regulating the heart rate and digestion.

Massage can also lower levels of cortisol, which is the hormone responsible for our stress levels. If you are feeling tense and anxious, a deep massage can help you unwind mentally and physically, leaving you feel rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

It can turbo charge concentration

It is a common curse of modern life that we live amid a blizzard of distractions. We can be our own worst enemy, reaching to check our phones every 10 minutes when we are watching a film or reading a book. We can also face constant interruptions from 24/7 communications, whether for work or our social lives.

A massage can help to improve the circulation of blood to the brain, by freeing up tense neck and shoulder muscles. This boosts the functions of the brain, including concentration. It also helps with memory and agile thinking, which allow us to do our best at work or college.

It can improve sleep quality

A massage can help ease stress and anxiety, as we have seen, due to the activation of the PSNS. This is the body’s natural state when we are asleep, so when it is in good working order, dropping off for a full night’s shut-eye will be easier.

If you have trouble sleeping, it’s also important to wind down for half an hour before bed with a calming activity, such as reading. Avoid vigorous exercise, loud music or TV, heavy meals, and alcohol, at least one or two hours before bedtime.

It can bolster the immune system

A massage improves circulation and the lymphatic flow, which allows the body to get rid of toxins faster. This in turn reduces your chances of developing illness and infection. The lowering of cortisol levels is also beneficial, because continual elevated stress levels acts as an immunosuppressor.

When stress levels are lowered, the body is in much better shape to fight disease and infections.

It can help with pain management

Some chronic pain conditions are made worse by tight muscles, which just never seem to loosen up. The worse the pain gets, the tighter the muscles become, and the less you are willing to use them. This can trap you in a vicious circle of pain which is impossible to resolve except with temporary measures such as painkillers.

A massage is an alternative long tern solution that can make a big difference over time.

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